Image Consulting


We had a great response to our competition, and our lucky winner, Melanie spent two days with us. I am not a fan of extreme change, so we worked with Melanie to enhance her natural beauty. The make-over included a R1000 voucher from Lauday Boutique, as well as a spray tan from The Tan Lab.

We started with our style consultation ( to analyse her body shape. Our goal was to help Melanie understand what body she is dressing.  "I really found this so useful, as I now know how to disguise certain areas as well as what lengths and styles work best for me."

Melanie also took our dress personality quiz. This is a great indication of what styles Melanie prefers.  Some examples are  classic, feminine, creative etc. 

The colour consultation was next. By looking at Melanie's skin overtone, eye and hair colour, we used drapes to assess her skin undertone and see what colour group she fitted into. 

Once we had all the information together, we headed to Melanie's wardrobe. This is such a valuable service, as it will give direction in terms of what you NEED and how to wear existing garments in your wardrobe. Melanie did loads of trying on, and we made a comprehensive shopping list based on what was missing. "This really gave me the push to get rid of all the things that I don't wear, " said Melanie.

We then headed to the shops to look at examples of what I had recommended.  Although Melanie was not buying anything, it was a great exercise to show her styles and stores that she should look to in the future.

Friday was the fun part- the hair and make-up. We were happy with her hair colour, as it really worked for her eye colour and complexion. Grant from Hairven cut a bit of the length of Melanie's hair, in order to create volume and movement. The make-up was done by Juliette Meintjes, who explained step by step what was being done. 

The make-over also included a R1000 voucher from Lauday Boutique, as well as a spray tan from The Tan Lab.

A successful make-over starts from within.

Melanie's changes were subtle in order to keep them sustainable. "I have learnt so much over the past two days. Tracey really took my lifestyle and personality into consideration, and did not try and change who I am.  She made me feel extremely comfortable. I loved every minute of it, thank you!"

Thank you to each and everyone who came on board. I feel privileged to do what I do, and love seeing the radiance and confidence that emanates from my clients after a make-over journey like this one.