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'A little less tummy.'


I am not going to tell you to start banting and loose weight, I am going to show you ways you can hide your tummy by wearing the correct clothes. This is the most common problem area for many of us that have hit the 40 mark!

It does not only apply to the larger built  ladies, as even the slimmer figure can carry weight around the tummy area, which can be even more noticeable. 

The correct size underwear is a great starting point. I am not talking "suck me in to death" type panties, i simply mean a pair that fits properly. If the foundation iis right, then the rest is really easy. 

Before I say anything more, please get the idea out of your head that looser and bigger is always better, as this really is not the case.


 Anything that has drapes, softness, folds or gathers is good for a larger tummy. Make sure the top is the correct size at the shoulders and waist. Pattern is also a great detractor.


 I am sure I am going to have a few that will disagree with me on this, but here it goes. This is not good for a larger tummy, due to the shape at the front. The curved hemline can make one look even more "round". The "loosness" is great, but the fabric is very clingy and the excess at the front creates an illusion of bulk. 

Avoid tops that have elastic at the bottom, as well as anything belted in the tummy area. Rather have loose around the tummy, that fits onto the top of the leg (see below)

If you are keeping things loose on the top, than make sure you are wearing something fitted at the bottom. Please ladies not over sized flared tops with  3/4 leggings, hoping to hide the bulges. Think a great pair of straight/skinny jeans with a loose front top and a wedge.

There is so much to discuss with this topic, so I have simply looked at tops and will touch on other areas nest week.

Have a great week.

Tracey xx


(Remember we are just talking about the tummy in this article, so images are merely an example of clothing style and not model builds.)