Image Consulting

"Be the best you"

Welcome to my blog.  It is here that I will be the real, authentic me.  I believe that there is a unique design in us all and that our character, combined with the image we portray, ought to work together to affect those around us in a positive way.  To make those we engage with feel comfortable in their own skin.  It is when we accept who we are that we can be confident and radiant, inspiring others to do the same.

My approach to image consulting is a little different.  I believe in subtle change to draw out the best you.  I feel that within the world today, especially in the corporate space, there is so little focus on how important it is to look good in order to feel good.  The reality is, that if you look good, you feel good, and your performance will improve- this will in turn improve your self-worth and overall success.

I feel very strongly that there is no “quick fix”, and a successful change needs to start from within.  This is done by embracing who you are (curves or no curves, wrinkles and all), and learning how to combine the correct colour and clothing styles, hair and make-up, to create a more attractive you.

Seeing an image consultant need not be intimidating.  I want Lauday to be known for its ability to encourage and admire women for who they are, in a society riddled with judgement.  

May this blog be a platform that encourages and uplifts, esteems and equips.  And if you choose to one day engage in a consultation with me, may you be transformed- not only in terms of your understanding of the importance of appearance and style but in terms of your very self-worth. 

"Elegance comes from being as beautiful inside as outside"- Coco Chanel