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Sometimes referred to as the pear shape, the TRIANGLE body shape is pretty common. Kim Kardashian is the first person that comes to mind when referring to this body shape. She really embraces those curves, but for me she sometimes gets it very wrong! 

Knowing how to dress for your body shape, will not only make shopping easier, but will give you an overall polished look, which will be an instant boost to your confidence.

What is a TRIANGLE?

  • Narrow shoulders
  • Appears heavy at the bottom half of the body
  • The hips and thighs are larger than the shoulders and bust
  • Generally wears a smaller size at the tp then at the bottom

The key to dressing the TRIANGLE body shape, is to add volume to the upper body, emphasise the waist area and detract at the lower body to create a balanced hourglass. The TRIANGLE can often appear shorter and out of proportion.

There is a belief that only plus size ladies fit into this category. This is not true. The TRIANGLE  body shape is for anyone whose hips and thighs are wider than the shoulder and bust area.

Lets look at some factors to consider when dressing a TRIANGLE body shape:


Shoulder detail top


This is a great example of the type of top a TRIANGLE should wear. The detailing at the shoulder area will automatically draw the eye up, and add width to the shoulder area. As a general rule create focal points where you want to draw attention.

The frills on the image below adds volume to the top area, therefore balancing the body. A TRIANGLE body shape should avoid halter necks and vests. 


The TRIANGLE should stick to a wide leg (if you have height on your side),  straight leg or boot leg style pant. Narrow legged pants will exaggerate the thigh and hip area. Make sure there is minimal detailing on the pockets at the back, and I suggest if there are side pockets, sew them up! A flat front,without a waistband is ideal. Elasticated waists are out of the question. Stable fabrics are best, as they wont cling to your body and will offer support.


This outfit is perfect for a TRIANGLE. Great fitting pants and structured blazer.


This image is a great illustration as it pretty much takes all factors into consideration when wearing a skirt. The key is to create balance and emphasise the waist. If you were opting for a different style skirt, like an A-line or a flare, make sure that they are not too bulky. 

his dress skims over the hip area and is very flattering. A wrap dress with detail around the neckline, and a bit of rouching on the sides can also be a great option. 

Embrace the body shape you have! It's all about balance.


(PLEASE NOTE:The information above only pertains to the TRIANGULAR body shape. There are many other characteristics that one needs to take into consideration, like height, weight, vertical body proportions etc. This is merely a guideline on a few tips that will assist when dressing the TRIANGLE.)