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Knowing how to dress for your body shape, will not only make shopping easier, but will give you an overall polished look, which will be an instant boost to your confidence.

What is a RECTANGLE?


The key to dressing the RECTANGLE  body shape, is to add shape and movement. defining the waist area is a great place to start. The rectangle is a pretty easy shape to dress. The only thing to be aware of is not to make your waist any wider

Lets look at some factors to consider when dressing a RECTANGLE body shape:


y creating high focal points and emphasizing the bust area, you will draw the eyes up and automatically narrow the waist area. These blouses are also great as they offer shape as well as draping that creates movement over the body.


Most Pants and Jeans Styles

All types of pants and jeans with any amount of details - from skinny/slim to wide leg. Look for styles with details on hips and bottom to add dimension. Anything flowy will look very elegant and soften your boyish frame. 

With your straight limbs you can pull off tapered and skinny jeans quite well. The trick is to make sure the jeans are tight around your hips to help you create curves. But avoid too-wide flare pants as it can unbalance your rectangle body shape. 


Any waist detailing is great. If you are well endowed I suggest wearing necklines that show more skin and vertically break up your chest, such as low V and scoop necks. Wrap styles are very flattering on you as they tailor your mid-riff and make it look trimmer as well as complementing your bust without over-accentuating them.

Make sure you add a camisole if the wrap neckline is very low - this helps add dimension to your rectangle body shape.


Accessories are an affordable way to add shape and movement to an outfit. Scarves in winter are a must for a rectangle body shape. Something as simple as a gorgeous pair of trendy heels can add shape to the bottom half of your body. 

Avoid waist length handbags, as they will draw attention to this area. 

Its best to get your body shape assessed so that you know exactly what you are dressing.

Happy shopping

Tracey xx