Image Consulting

Be the best YOU!"

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist" -  Oscar Wilde

Living well for one person is not what it is for another. If we are so fixated on our own happiness we will never be happy....

Happiness is created by ourselves! Being passionate about life, thinking positively and believing in yourself is a great place to start. We so often hear "are you an optimist or pessimist? Glass half full or half empty?". I am leaning towards the pessimist realist side of the scale, however, when I embark on my passion of uplifting women, the world is a far happier place for me. This is when I can say I live well!

When I started my image Consulting business 7years ago, the main motivating factor for me was changing women's lives. I pride myself on making subtle changes that are sustainable, and believe that enhancing what we already have is key. The cliche "look good feel better" does apply. A successful make-over starts from within and will in turn radiate outwards.

Women play so many different roles in their lives, and so often loose their identity along the way. At different stages in our lives like  reaching a milestone age, starting a family,  or even when children leave home, it is often easy to put less effort into how we look. This in turn can make us feel like  we are in a rut.

This is where my passion comes in! I Look at each individual and allow them to shine from within again.... and this is a key factor to living well.

Having a career that you are passionate about is a huge contributing factor to living well. I am privileged to have shared my passion with so many and will continue to do so.

Change begins with you.

Your friend in fashion

Tracey xx