Time: 90 minutes

At Lauday there is no such thing as “you are too short, too boxy or too curvy”- you are perfect in every way! We take all your body features into consideration to reveal your true charm and beauty. There are clothing styles perfect for the unique you, it’s just a matter of knowing what they are. 

Our Style Consultation will equip you with all the skills and tools you need to dress to your heart’s content and feel more confident. Are you classic or creative? Feminine or natural? By determining your style personality, we can guide you towards finding the look that best says who you are. 

We use a computerised program, My Private Stylist, to create your unique online style booklet, so the end result is thorough and precise. 


•A comprehensive, custom generated, handbag sized booklet with 500+ colour pictures - everything from sunglasses to shoes pointing out your best style options to consider next time you shop.

•Access to so that you can access all your information on your smartphone, iPad or laptop, wherever you are!


Time: 45 minutes

This would suit someone who merely wants a brief analysis of their body shape and proportions.

We predominantly offer the mini-style consultation to corporates who send their staff along for a mini make over 

or as part of a tailor made package where one is merely seeking an overview of their body shape.