Lauday Image Consulting caters toward women.  Whether you are a woman in business seeking to make an impression or a woman merely needing a change, the change need not be drastic. Tracey will guide you to project a look that is confident and considered.


By doing a body assessment to determine your unique shape,  we are able to educate clients about what clothing works best for them.   The style consult also involves looking at your style personality and which clothes will work best to enhance your shape. 

Our unique 12-colour coding system is scientifically based and provides you with an expansive personalised palette to let your true colours shine through, literally! 

We conduct a “closet overhaul” and then create a specific shopping list of needs, suggesting which of your existing clothes work for you and which don’t.  By inviting a trained eye into your closet, you will not only save money, but also discover what clothing items enhance your look.

With us you will buy right the first time around and SAVE MONEY

After shopping for the pieces you need, we'll show you how to optimise what you've got by creatively combining both old and new in a variety of ways. This will be done in the comfort of your home.

Let us teach you to do your own make-up correctly for YOUR specific features.  This is a life skill that you’ll continuously use for years to come.

With this package we go for the ‘wow’ factor, but also spend time to ensure you have all the tools you need to sustain your                  new look practically